Gary Brooks, PGA Professional and creator of Straight Arm

Golf Professionals as far away as Switzerland and Australia use the Straight Arm in their lessons. Currently PGA Professionals, Golf Digest Top 100 Teachers, Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers, PGA Master Professionals, PGA Tour Players, PGA Professionals Of The Year, Golf Schools along with Class A PGA Professionals from coast to coast are using the Straight Arm in their GolfSchools and Academies.

The Straight Arm videos on our website shows how to properly tighten and wear the Straight Arm to achieve the full benefits. The videos also show Swing Drills you can practice with and without hitting a golf ball to gain a full understanding of the proper positions, which will improve your golf, game and lower your score.

The instructional video’s serves many purposes; first, it gives the player the correct visual of how the Straight Arm should fit on their arm. Second, the player can watch the proper swing of the arms from right hip to impact, observing the hand rotation and finishing at the left hip. Third, they can view the recommended swing speed while Gary hits a golf ball. Next, listen as Gary explains what happens during a swing when a player has poor swing positions and the bad results they produce.

Then Gary demonstrates, while wearing the Straight Arm, the many positive advantages. Next Gary demonstrates without the Straight Arm, in slow motion, hitting a golf ball with a correct full swing. To finish, Gary explains the full swing positions from the address position, back swing, at the top, down swing, impact, follow-through and to the end, with the collapsing of both arms in a well balanced position. If you are thinking about purchasing a Straight Arm and have questions about size or how it could help your swing, please contact us at your convenience. If you have already purchased a Straight Arm, Thank You. If you have questions, I encourage you to contact us.

  • Straight Arm is a lightweight golf training aid designed to swing slow, ½ swing, ½ speed from hip to hip.
  • Straight Arm can also be used for practicing pitching and chipping around the green.
  • Straight Arm promotes the correct hinge position at the right hip (right hand player) of your backswing.
  • Straight Arm generates a straight left arm for a right hand player, to the right hip in the backswing, impact and through to the left hip of your golf swing.
  • Straight Arm encourages tempo, rhythm and balance.
  • Straight Arm increases width and shoulder turn, which leads to greater distance, better accuracy.
  • Straight Arm can be used hitting balls with slow swings.
  • Straight Arm is a lightweight, simple and effective golf trainer used by all levels of players.
  • Straight Arm is suitable for both right and left-handed men, women and junior golfers.